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When it is a good idea to buy traffic directly



Super Contributor
Feb 16, 2019
In the previous article “Downsides of buying traffic directly”, a lot has been said about why you should refrain from committing to buying website advertising spots. While it is not a good idea for many, it might be just a perfect opportunity for some people whose business is well suited for such a challenging path.

In reality of the market economy, every company is naturally moving towards a monopoly and the digital advertising industry is not an exception — the traffic is being consolidated under a few big players and it is getting increasingly difficult to compete with their resources, safety margin, and ambitions. The market is also getting more mature, transparent, and even regulated in a way. More and more people become somehow related to digital advertising, but it will be increasingly uncommon for them to buy a spot on the website in the same way as it is uncommon for people to buy an iron ore by the businesses dealing with iron. Following this analogy, the iron ore however is being bought under certain circumstances. Let’s list some scenarios when buying spots directly is a good idea.

Niche spot

Spots buying is a very common practice
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