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What is wrong with this LP ?


Active Member
Hey every one
Happy to be here again

I have some issue regarding this LP. I have download it from Adplexity
- I added the Click URL of bemob in the button ( using dreamviewer )
- I uploaded it to my server ( file manager - public_html - created a folder - Uploaded the Zip LP to that folder - then unextract the zip file )
- Tried to open the LP in the browser but i see error message

but the page is not opening correctly



  • Zip file image.PNG
    Zip file image.PNG
    48.2 KB · Views: 90
  • Extracted files of the Zip file.PNG
    Extracted files of the Zip file.PNG
    77.8 KB · Views: 77
  • LP picture after opeining it in a browser.PNG
    LP picture after opeining it in a browser.PNG
    31.4 KB · Views: 80
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