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What do you lose with Facebook use?



Jan 28, 2021

Remember 2015? You create an advertising account on Facebook and just start running ads. Quickly and without enormous efforts, you earn huge profit on white offers like utilities. Good times, huh?

In this article, we will discuss why it is becoming increasingly difficult to make money on Facebook, and what is so good about an alternative in the form of advertising networks.

Today, FB is suspicious of any advertising. Algorithms mercilessly ban even white offers while the affiliate’s life turns into endless farming of accounts. If the campaign was launched successfully, it is still highly likely you’ll face a ban. Contacting support is usually useless: taking care of advertisers is no top priority for the company. We will discuss why later.

It’s clear now about time loss and moral damage, but what about money?

Is it just me, or are Facebook Ads insanely expensive?​

Practice shows that low costs are not about Facebook.

Over the past year, the average CPM has gone up by 89%, now being $11, and the numbers continue to grow by 30% every quarter. Advertising on FB as a whole has become 47% more expensive than a year ago (source).
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