What company website URL should you put in Tiktok's Account setting?



Jul 31, 2019
Hey everyone, im opening up a tiktok account to run some wh affiliate campaigns.

When opening the account, to have it verified it needs a business URL and under the text box is says "Note: The promotion link must be valid and relevant to the product or service you want to promote. Your account will NOT be approved if we can't verify this URL."

Not sure what to put here, was wondering what worked for other affiliates here.

Was thinking i have 2 options.

-Was thinking about using a domain that i own , ripping an offer landing page that looks similar to the types of offers i want to run (auto insurance, solar, roofing, etc.) and then putting it on my domain (or even just iframe the offer under my url), submit it as that, and run all my traffic to subdomains incase they get banned for whatever reason. But then in the future if i were to create a new campaign for a different vertical, would i get banned or have the disapproved? Would i then need a new account for each vertical?

-Second option would be creating a marketing agency lander under my own domain and submitting
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