What’s left working for affiliate marketers in 2022?



Super Contributor
Feb 16, 2019
I know how tiresome it might be to hear that everybody around is making their millions in affiliate marketing and you can’t even make it green to stack at least a few bucks. Not for money, just for the belief that there is still something left for a solo marketer. For people around it seems so easy, but not for you. You have got it all perfectly set: racking, servers, offer from a trusted affiliate network, self-made landing pages, but the profit is simply not there. It all seems as a big spectacle where you are definitely not playing the leading role. Is it because affiliate marketing is dying or is it because it is simply not for you?

The good news is that affiliate marketing will never die. Not because affiliates somehow made a deal with the devil, but simply because, in essence, it is an optimization process, not a creative process. The concept is very easy: if you divide anything by two halves – one part will be bigger than the other. This is it. You buy any amount of traffic – you divide it by two, get rid of the one which is less efficient and
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