Wanted: Freelance Dev who Gets Tracking



Mar 5, 2020

Here at FunnelFlux we get quite a lot of people who want help with tracking implementation for their specific scenario.

Usually its a multi-stage funnel with some random systems involved, possible CRM, etc.

At the moment we don't have a support team member who's also a developer that understands tracking, who can actually dive in, get on calls with a customer directly and implement, test and refine their tracking setup.

So customers ask me if I know of anyone who could help them -- a freelance dev who understands AM/tracking and can deal with custom implementation, scripting and all that jazz to make their flow work as intended. I think this is a sought after position in AM in general -- for those who don't already have a full-time dev on their team.

I'm looking for someone (or multiple people) who I can endorse and direct customers to -- e.g. via Upwork or similar. Most customers are happy to pay $25-100/h for this kind of work so its easy money for a developer.

On my end I'll create developer-focused docs and help directly with questions/understanding so those devs can have a strong handle on how FunnelFlux works.
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