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Voluum Question



Super Contributor
Oct 31, 2018
Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone here can help me with a question i have with voluum.

I am trying to figure out a way to pull all the emails out of voluum i have collected over the past month without having to go to each individual campaign and pull them out manually. It's taking me like 1-2 hours every time i do it and it seems like something that could be batched. I'm running like 150-200 campaigns in total and it's a "make work project" for me.

Wondering if someone here knew how to do this or could show me how to do it. I'm very happy to pay you for your time or send you traffic to say thank you. This would save me a lot of time i would rather spend that time making $$$

Thank you in advance,

Here is a video tutorial of what i am dealing with that i sent to another colleague who is trying to assist me.

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