Voluum Organic Tracking Issue



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Jan 7, 2019
Okay so I am trying to do something different here. Suppose I am running a push campaign the flow would look something like this :

Campaign URL >>> Voluum's Click URL (customdomain.com/click)>>Offer

However, when someone directly goes to the landing page URL for any reason, they see a blank page because no campaign data is being passed. Now, I want to be able to go to the offer page directly through the landing page URL (As in using Voluum's direct tracking method)

According to Voluum's documentation :


However, in reality this is not working. I followed the exact steps here : https://doc.voluum.com/en/tracking_organic_traffic.html

Buttt all the clicks are being attributed to the "Organic" campaign and not the original Native campaign. And no , I do not want a separate lander for the organic method, I want to be able to use the same lander for both and as stated above in the documentation, it should work!

@Voluum can someone help me fix this please? :D

Also, if anyone else has done this already, I'll appreciate the
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