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We've just launched Automizer: a built-in campaign automation tool that takes a bigger portion of campaign management off your shoulders.

But more on this below...

What is Automizer?

Automizer is our brand new automation tool based on two foundations: traffic source integrations & automation rules.

The first one lets you track & pass cost information and enables you to control your campaigns from the Voluum panel. The second one allows you to create automation rules.

What can you do with Traffic Source Integrations?

Automizer lets you fully integrate with Revcontent Propeller Ads Taboola Exoclick (more coming soon).

The full integration allows you to:
  • pause/activate your campaigns,
  • bid up or down based on sites, zones & campaigns,
  • exclude non-converting sites or zones,
  • auto-update your traffic-source costs,
  • and create rules.
With Automizer you can also set up more basic cost integration with Facebook and
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