Voluum DSP - Trending Now Series - Top-performing GEOs, Networks and Verticals


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Hey All! Today we’re posting some insights about top performing Ad Exchanges verticals and GEOs. You can expect these insights on a regular basis from now on! How did we get get this information? We took internal data from the last 7 days and identified the crazy performing segments of traffic. This is a good starting point for those of you looking to understand what's trending now. Welcome to Voluum DSP - Trending Now Series and check out below what's working well with native ad format in our platform: RevContent - eCPM 0.37 - top verticals: gambling: casino & fantasy My6Sense - eCPM 0.79 - top verticals: binary/forex & crypto Powerinbox (email traffic) - eCPM 0.66 - top verticals: ecommerce & binary/forex & crypto Nativo - eCPM 1.4 - top verticals: diet Wordpress - eCPM 0.43 - top verticals: binary/forex & crypto health & nutra Ligatus...
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