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May 7, 2018
Now that we've got our ClickDealer offers and Monetizer Smartlink loaded into Voluum, we can create a campaign in the tracker.

Once you log into your tracker, go to the "Campaigns" tab and click on the green button that says "New Campaign." On the dropdown that appears, click "Advanced."


A popup will open that looks like this:

There is 3 tabs total, and 2 of them require that you fill out the information to launch your campaign.

The first tab is just selecting a traffic source, country (for reference only), and the name you'd like the call your campaign. You can also fill out some notes about your setup or optimizations you do on the campaign.

For the campaign name, I suggest you are descriptive to identify what it is without having to click on it. A good name would be US-CC-S10-Mobile-Wifi. This would mean United States, Credit Card Submit, Samsung S10 prize, targeting mobile wifi traffic. You can name them however you want, but try to be descriptive so you can keep organized.

Here's an example of what the first tab might look like when it's filled out:


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