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May 7, 2018
Thanks to some of the recent threads by @Varun (example 1, example 2), collecting emails in campaigns has become pretty popular here in the forum. That’s great, since it can be one of the best long-term routes you can go if you’re going to do affiliate marketing for longer than the typical 6 months a majority of affiliates last for. 😅

An important thing if you’ve got an email list is that it’s clean. This will ensure you don’t send emails to fake emails, causing bounces that can lead to your ESP account getting banned. There are many routes you can take to do this, such as using Zapier to verify the email after singing up. However, the issue with this is that invalid emails may already have been posted back to your traffic source, which is obviously not ideal.

The better route to go is to verify the email address at the time they submit it, so if it’s invalid the user can fix it. Last week, I shared a post about submitting forms with Javascript, which we’ll be building off in this post to add email verification to the sign up process.

Let’s go!


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