Update 1.15


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Feb 16, 2019
Dark mode

We've been asked for this. Now it's here and you can switch colorization to your liking. Burn those midnight oils and give some rest to your eyes😁


Facebook integration & Facebook cloacker (beta)

Since lots of our users also work with Facebook we've added deep integration. Now Binom can automatically synchronize your costs via API. All you need is to add your Facebbok account in Binom and send {{ad.id}} token with your clicks. Binom will do the rest. Regular and mobile proxies are now supported. Read more


We are also experimenting with cloaking. We will improve it during our next updates but you can check it out already:


JS Cloaker

Sometimes you can't add .php script on your site. For example, some famous site constructors don't let you do that, so you can't use Click API script. That is why we've developed JS Cloaker. This script will help you send traffic to a landing page and change its content depending on whether or not Binom detected it as bot traffic. You may look at it as a LP Pixel + Click API in js.


Mass collapse/expand in reports

Right mouse click. Did you know about
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