Unknown Guy - Self Introduction



Apr 21, 2023
Hello Everyone, I'm Naveen Kumar from South Part of INDIA. I would like to Introduce myself to this Community via some Questions & Answers. I am not Good in English. So please read it at your own risk!😅😅

1. Are you a Newbie? Do you have any Experience in Affiliate Marketing?
Actually, Affiliate Marketing is my Main Source of Income and i am doing this for more than 8 Years. Because of that definitely I'm not a Newbie, at the same time i am not that guy who knows everything. In Affiliate Marketing we have to learn and try new things Everyday, so in my opinion, nobody knows everything, we all Learners!

2. What kind of Campaigns you are Running & How much you are Making $?
Sorry to say! Currently, I am fully Depended on my Affiliate Income. Till now For the Past 5 Years i am having lots of debts, nowadays things are getting better day by day. Already settled over 50% of my Total Debts by the Help of Affiliate Marketing. Sure, i will reveal the Details about my Campaigns and Promotion methods in Future.

About Earnings - Currently Making
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