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Guide Tutorial Step-By-Step: how to create and host your landing page, the right way.


New member
Hello Afflifters.

Sorry for the late, finally i have made the first part of the tutorial that is going to cover everything you need to know about landing pages and PureLander, i mean everything.

The tutorial is divided into 2 parts :
- the first part is going to be about amazon aws.
- the second part is going to be about using VPS from vultr and install everything in it.

This is the first part, and it has everything you need to know about amazon AWS, and it's powerful and super cheap.

1 - Create your landing page using PureLander Quickly.

2 - Create an Amazon AWS bucket and make it public and upload your landing page in it.

3 - Add CDN to your amazon bucket and buy a domain name from namecheap and use it asa custom domain name for your landing pages, and how to to host multiple landing pages in one domain name.

4 - This is a video update (1 May 2019), since Amazon AWS now requires to validate your domain name by a certificate which you can generate in Amazon AWS for free, and now you can use HTTPS with your landing pages easily if you need it:

And please feel free to leave your questions bellow :love::love::).
where is the second part?