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Aug 13, 2019
The past couple of months, I have been running an offer at 12% ROI with a $100 daily budget

Upped the budget to $500 per day 12 days ago. Ran into a bit of a snag as I was split testing landers, yet somehow one of the landers got erased from my server (zero clue how that happened) and I did not catch it for three days. So with everything working properly, the numbers look like this:

Revenue: $3300
Spend: $2985
Offer payout: $100
Bid: .40
Native network: RevContent
Geo: United States
Platform: Desktop

-I have cut any widgets with 30 LP clicks and 0 offer clicks

-Made a change to the headline on the lander and that has helped conversions a bit

-Have had trouble getting good ad CTR on this campaign for months. Can never get it above .05.07% no matter what images I upload (and I have only gotten one of those ads profitable)

-At $100 budget, I was at about breakeven on Mac users, but since going bigger, it's -45%. Meanwhile, Windows is at 60% (and was the same before raising the budget)

Seeing this, I decided today to target Windows only, and I also
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