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Trying the Beginner Pop Guide with Propeller But I'm Stuck (Help needed!!)



Active Member
May 11, 2022
Hello guys,

So initially i had a problem with setting up Pop-ads because i couldn't use their payment method for my country. So I was guided to use Propeller ads instead.

Now i've deposited to their account and setup a campaign but when i run the campaign i get an error:

So now when i searched the forum regarding this issue i found out that propeller does not allow offers that are PN(Push Notification) and at another thread it said they only allow NL(No loop) offers.
To follow the guide i would have to get offers from the smart links from Mobipium. they have 11 offers. 8 of them are PN and one of the remaining is Carrier Billing-Adult(which i assume will also have problems with propeller ad policy) Now i'm only left with Custom Smartlink and Carrier Billing - Mainstream.

what should i do?

I'm a newbie so don't mind my noobness!
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