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Guide Trouble Understanding Tracking Setup ? Well It Solve Here ! (Infographic)


We all know how difficult is to understand tracking as a newbie and how to setup tracking properly because of course all of your money depends on it how postback url used for server to server tracking and some other aspects
Recently i found really good article by TrackingDesk so i would like to share here that article and infographic.

Once you’ll start understanding this process it will get easier and easier to setup no matter what affiliate networks you are working with.
  1. Postback URL “aliases”: To make it simple there are quite a few terms to call the Postback URL
    • postback url (hasoffers cake)
    • CallBack (maxbounty)
    • WebHook (a term a developer having no idea about affiliate tracking will understand)
    • s2s or server to server tracking (commission junction 50onred)
    • server based tracking (various)
    • conversion url (various)
    • Cookie-less tracking
  2. [SIZE 5]Why using server to server tracking: When a conversion occurs on an advertiser’s site such advertiser doesn’t necessarily want to place your google analytics or image pixel on their thank you page. Why? Because if they have 200 or 5000 partners who have the same request their thank you page will become fairly heavy. So your postback URL is placed in their server backend and it will be called only for events that relate to YOU. In...
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