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Follow Along Traffic Nomads - CPA Campaigns

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Nov 24, 2021
After just seeing Luke's Follow along, I realized I should also document my new CPA bidding Traffic Nomads campaigns. (after almost spamming their official thread :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:)

Last week after they've launched it, immediately signed up and setup 4 campaigns for a CPI offer from Zeydoo, direct linked , with CPA bids of 50% of the offer payout . Here are the results so far. Traffic is slowing down a little which I don't like and the fact that we can't edit bids on these campaigns, but conversion rate is going up, it was also the weekend so we'll want and see in the next few days :)


2 of them are still in the testing phase but looks like they are converting well too.
After seeing the great early results, I've setup 6 more campaigns on Friday, which only got approved on Monday so a few hours ago. Also, I've told my manager to increase the bids on these by 20% before approving them.

Early results:


My Zeydoo AM just messaged me that the new traffic is doing well on their side too.🥳

As you can see , I've also setup a


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