Tracking ZoneIDs Across Multiple Campaigns

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Apr 17, 2018
I was going through some of my ZoneID data from PropellerAds from campaigns I've been running recently and it hit me that we haven't really discussed how you can track zones across multiple campaigns.

This is something I have done in Voluum for quite awhile now and I believe most trackers probably have it (although tbh I am not sure who does and does not support this report).

With Voluum, you simply run a report for the traffic source (PropellerAds) and then you can drilldown by your custom variables (ZoneID in this example). You can also use a second grouping for campaign, country, etc):


Here, I choose to group by country as my second grouping since I'm terrible at naming my campaigns and I don't want to give them all away 😆

But, each country shown for the most part is its own campaign that I am running on PropellerAds. So, you can see I have a few ZoneIDs that are producing some solid results across multiple campaigns in multiple GEOs. Those are probably good ones to try a whitelist on :D

This is also a way you can potentially create a global blacklist to use
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