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Tracking issues With BeMob & PropellerAds / PopAds



Nov 24, 2021
Hi everyone,

Just tried some campaigns in the last few days but something isn't right in my tracking. It's so frustrating as it happens with propeller and with PopAds too.

It's almost always double the Cost in BeMob so I can't analyze the data correctly .. Like for example today, following this guide: https://afflift.com/f/threads/running-trending-campaigns-monetizer-propellerads.5091/

Spent 10$ but in BeMob it's showing $20:

Propeller Stats :


BeMob stats:


Spent hours already but can't find the mistake. Also, as you can see it's showing 0 Conversions and it's correct... lol

See here:


Same happens with other campaigns too like the "Pops Guide" (there I get lots of conversions). I spend $5 but BeMob shows $10 spent. Everything is RED
and can't optimize anything.

Thanks in advance
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