Tracker vs Traffic Source: When Green Means Red


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Hi there fellow affLIFTers,

There are many posts on this forum that seem to suggest that all is well when your tracker begins to show your campaigns as green. Of course, in general, that is true. However, let's not forget that there is generally a substantial 'click loss' between the traffic source and the tracker (as there is between the tracker and the affiliate network) and so the tracker's stats can be considerably misleading.

I recently started a new campaign and the screenshot below highlights this issue.


Of course, I was delighted when I saw BeMob (my tracker) was showing my campaign as green with a ROI of +30.33%. However, when I checked my PopAds (traffic source) stats, I suddenly saw red, literally. My ROI was, in fact, -9%. Now, that's a huge difference and it's due to the 531 (1,763-1,232) impressions 'lost en route' to BeMob. Of
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