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Tracker data discrepency questions (not just click loss)



Oct 7, 2021
Hi all,

Traffic source: RevContent
Tracker: Bemob

I searched around the forum and couldn't find any post related. There has always been some discrepencies in my data between the tracker and the traffic source(native). Time-zone has been taken into account. So I'm quite confused as to why this happens and how to read data with these discrepencies.

This isn't just click loss. I've obvserved two types of discrepencies:

1. a few placements has way more visits on the tracker than the traffic source. For example, 200 visits on the tracker, but only 40 on the traffic source.
2. the other way around, some placement shows 200 visits on the traffic source, but 6 visits on the tracker.

Looking forward to any ideas/suggestions/insights.

Thank you all in advance.
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