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Top Content - September 2019


Staff member
I am a little late to putting together this thread, but last month (September) was another very good month for affLIFT.

Our goal for 2019 is to reach 25,000 users. We're currently sitting at 22,465 users. We just started the 4th quarter of the year and there are currently about 83 days left for us to reach 25k. We need to average ~30 new users a day to hit our goal, which I believe we will! 🎉

So, here is a breakdown of the top content for September 2019. It's because of amazing content like this that we are going to hit our goal and why our community continues to grow at a rapid pace. So, thank you for being a part of our community and helping fuel our growth 😃

Top Thread.png

Top Threads

We had some really great threads posted in the forum last month, but the top 10 most active were:
  1. FREE Top Converting Landing Pages From Anstrex (Updated Frequently) by @Anstrex
  2. Monetizer + PropellerAds CPA Goal 2.0 >>> Profit on 1st Day by @bivekp
  3. Affiliate Marketing Promo Codes and Coupons
  4. MEGA Thread of Useful Landing Page Scripts by @Nick
  5. Push Notification Landing Page - 4 Points of Monetization
  6. Interview with a Pro Affiliate: Ian Fernando
  7. Easy Passive Income by @Monetizer
  8. Patience = Analyze / Optimize = Profit
  9. How important is it to use geo-located servers? by @servandosilva
  10. ZeroPark=>Binom=>Propush.Me=>SmartLinks by @AjsBaaf
These are some really good threads filled with great information. You should check them all out. I would also like to thank our Community Leaders, Nick and Servando, for their awesome contributions 👍

Most Popular Affiliate Marketing Topics

We try to cover everything related to affiliate marketing, but the most discussed topics were:
  1. Push Notifications
  2. PPV
  3. Landing Pages
  4. Getting Started
  5. Affiliate Networks
It's no surprise that push notifications and PPV were the most discussed topics. We've been seeing that for months. It's awesome to see so much discussion in the new Affiliate Networks section of the forum!

Monetizer Review

Top 5 Articles

Last month, we did not publish as many new Articles as we typically do. That is because I have been working hard on building up the listings in our Link Directory. However, these were the top 5 articles and I definitely recommend you take a look through them if you have not yet:

Traffic to our Articles was up over 6% last month!

DatsPush review

Top Link Directory Listings

As I mentioned, I have been working hard to getting unique content in our Link Directory that will not only help provide organic traffic to affLIFT, but also provide a lot of value to our members and visitors. The goal of the Link Directory is to provide the most organized information about everything related to affiliate marketing.

Our top 5 listings for last month were:
  1. DatsPush
  2. PureLander
  3. MegaPush
  4. AdPeriscope
  5. BeMob
Every single one of those companies is a part of our community. So, I want to give a shoutout to our Partners: @DatsPush @Tyoussef @MegaPush @Anstrex @BeMob ...thank you for being a part of our community and providing so much value to our members!

Our Link Directory traffic was up about 10% last month!

Top Members in September

We have so many great members within our community now that it's hard to just pick out 10 to feature every month so our Top Posters page comes in handy. Before I list the top 10 members, I want to give another shoutout to our Community Leaders, who were the top 2 posters last month as well. I am planning to add another Community Leader to affLIFT soon too 👍
Thank you everyone for being such an important part of making our community thrive. We have amazing Partners and because of them and all these super active members, we are seeing impressive growth and the spread of useful information.

We want to grow, but our real goal is to be the most helpful, friendly, and open community in the industry. We're doing just that. Onward and upward 🚀