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Top Content - October 2019


Staff member
October is the start of the 4th quarter and it was a great start for affLIFT. We had another great month (check out September) and I am excited to see how we wrap up 2019 over the next 2 months.

In October, we ran a contest with EvaDav (@Evadav) and that drove a ton of engagement with our members and helped create some great follow along threads :)

Here is a summary of the top content from October. Enjoy!

Push Notification Monetization

Top Threads

I always start our Top Content monthly summary with the top threads from the month. The threads here on affLIFT are what drives a majority of the value within our community:
  1. Affiliate Marketing Promo Codes
  2. Push Notification Landing Page - 4 Points of Monetization
  3. Push Subscription Generator [LP and Tracking Setup]
  4. FREE Top Converting Landing Pages From Anstrex by @Anstrex
  5. Evadav Publisher [Push] + LandingTrack + Pop Traffic = Recurring Profits by @mukil
  6. You WILL NOT be profitable on your first try. Learn to OPTIMIZE.
  7. Monetizer + PropellerAds CPA Goal 2.0 >>> Profit on 1st Day by @bivekp
  8. The Complete Guide to Setting up Your First Ever Affiliate Campaign by @nitin
  9. Mastering push traffic by @shaga82
  10. What are your highest stable ROI achieved through CPA and Push yet? by @aarvin2
Our promo codes thread continues to grow with organic search each month. If you have a good affiliate marketing promo or coupon code, let me know so I can get it added! :)

Most Popular Topics

Our discussions around push notifications has not slowed down. Here were the top affiliate marketing topics discussed last month:
  1. Push Notifications
  2. PPV
  3. Landing Pages
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Affiliate Networks
I am happy to see so much discussion in our new Affiliate Networks section!

Top Articles

I have not been investing as much in our Affiliate Marketing Articles lately as I'm still growing our Link Directory (and the results have been great!), but I am planning more content in the Articles section. If you have any recommended topics you think we should cover, let me know! 🧠

Here were the top articles in October:

We will be working to release some new Articles this month 📚

Zeropark Pops

Affiliate Marketing Directory

Our Link Directory is one of my favorite parts of building affLIFT. With the help of @jairene, we are building one of the most valuable and organized resources for affiliates of every level.

This month, instead of just featuring the top listings, I first want to share the top categories. We are building up each section of the Directory and it's interesting to see what people are most interested in:
  1. Traffic Sources
  2. Spy Tools
  3. Tracking Tools
  4. Affiliate Networks
  5. Landing Page Builders
I am not surprised to see Traffic Sources at the top, but I am surprised that there are significantly more people researching Spy Tools than Tracking Tools.

As for what people are looking at the most, here are the top listings:
  1. Zeropark Pops
  2. EvaDav
  3. DatsPush
  4. PureLander
  5. MegaPush
  6. BeMob
  7. PropellerAds Push
  8. Anstrex
  9. RichPush
  10. Kintura
I'm surprised to see Zeropark so high, but I am happy to see EvaDav near the top since they sponsored our contest 🏆

Top Members

To be a top member simply means that you were very active in the community. We have so many great members now, but I really appreciate the effort these people are putting in. They each have shown our core values of being helpful, friendly, and open. I appreciate that!
We've crossed 24,000 users and we're well on our way to reaching our goal of 25k by the end of 2019. Thank you for being a part of our community!

Onward and upward 🚀