Top 6 Apple updates that make trackers’ life harder. Or do they?


Admitad Affiliate

Oct 15, 2020
For years, companies, affiliate networks, and tracking services have relied on cookies, user IDs, IP addresses, and email to track orders. But along with the tightening of control over the circulation of personal data, the international marketing market has also changed. Will the recently introduced iOS 15 have an impact on online sales? Admitad Affiliate experts studied the new Apple features and talked about how you can work with the new restrictions. Will it obstruct our businesses? It will, but the impact is going to be significantly smaller than you might think.
  1. This website is (not) using cookies​

Most modern browsers (except for Chrome) have already limited access to third-party cookies for known trackers — scripts that their developers marked as tracking user activity. However, the WebKit browser engine used by Safari and iOS SDK forbade using third-party cookies altogether.

The price is lower quality of data, worse targeting and higher online marketing costs. The impact will be the hardest on traffic arbitrage, content projects will hardly feel a thing — unless they start using targeting to acquire new audiences for their platforms.

But third-party cookies can be replaced with first-party ones. Currently, there are​

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