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TikTok, TikTok, are you tracking them or not?

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CPV Lab Pro

Super Contributor
Nov 29, 2019

Are you familiar with TikTok? Are you running TikTok campaigns yet?

TikTok is on a wave lately, especially since the pandemic hit us.
I am asking this because right now people spend more and more time watching TikToks and there is a big opportunity there.

The widespread appeal of TikTok largely has to do with its simplicity: just short videos!

So, you decided to give TikTok Ads a try and see how they work for your business.

You prepare a nice campaign, target a great audience, configure tracking in your affiliate tracker and you are all set.


What happens to the tracked conversions? Your conversions only appear in your ad tracker, right?

So they don’t get passed back to the traffic source (TikTok).

If you are not yet sending conversions back to TikTok you are missing on automatic ad delivery optimizations that can be made by TikTok!

Each conversion passed back to TikTok will offer them details about the best performing ads and audiences, so they will be able to apply automatic optimizations in the ad delivery algorithm for your campaign in order to bring you even more conversions.

So, to put it simple, it works like this:
you track a conversion -> inform TikTok about it
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