Case Study TikTok-camp with iMonetizeIt. Introduction

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Feb 7, 2019

Salute to all of you, dear friends!
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So make yourselves comfortable, because we’d like to talk about this… We know very clearly that there is one social network, which you very quickly and dramatically fell in love with. You direct your traffic exclusively there (no wonder, because it shows just a cosmic ROI), because as the old saying goes: “Strike while the iron is hot.” and we fully support this idea!

There is no sense in describing what this social network is, what it is famous for, and what makes it so attractive, so let’s get right to the point.

Today we would like to touch upon the theme of Tik-Tok and its new restrictions, which “shocked” all affiliate marketing. Everything is done for the purpose to make people switch to TikTok Ads and promote their content for a fee (acting in the footsteps of the “best” 👨face📘book).

That’s why now most of the major Affiliate Programs that accept traffic from TikTok, propose their “Agents Ads Managers” in TikTok (provide free or a % of the
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