The utility software vertical in Tier 1: what do you need to know?



Jan 28, 2021

Spoiler: it’s one of the hottest verticals in the world. Competition is high but meanwhile, there is always a great number of offers and solvent customers. So the game is worth the candle.

Previously on „Galaksion explains Tier 1” series we named some features of these GEOs. There you can find tons of both desktop and mobile traffic. Furthermore, use of the Internet and advanced technologies is widespread. This means that the utility vertical is in demand in Tier 1. Grab popcorn and watch the new episode about it.

⚡What are utilities?

Utilities are all tools installed on the users’ devices and created to help maintain, speed up, analyze, upgrade, configure or optimize a computer or phone.

Utilities are comprised of:
🔹 backups;
🔹 file managers;
🔹 archiver utilities;
🔹 disk defragmenter;
🔹 uninstallers;
🔹 compression tools;
🔹 disk management tools.

⚡️ What formats to choose for the utility vertical?

Push-notification is the most profitable traffic source for utilities. Meanwhile, it does not work on iOS. That is why to cover mobile traffic, mobile push-up is a perfect choice. Popunder also shows good conversions with utilities.

⚡️ What about pricing models?

The CPA model is the best choice for this vertical. If you drive traffic to utilities, you most likely
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