The Rise of Push Notifications - Don't get left Behind (AdMaven)


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Our friends at @AdMaven just sent out an interesting email:

The rise of new ad formats such as Push Notifications is getting more and more significant. This week Google announced that starting next month they are expending their adblocking campaign to block another ad format -

Due to this expansion and the fact that Google is tightening their adblocking efforts on different ad formats, the traffic you used to buy from several specific channels will decrease. That is why new compliant ad formats are emerging.

Push Notifications, Interstitials, and Native Ads have already gained a lot of momentum in 2018 and are now the focus of many advertisers' budgets, up to the point where a lot of advertisers are employing dedicated media buyers only for these ad formats.
I agree 100% and that's why I'm very focused on push notification traffic right now :)
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It looks like the new Native to me, the thing i love about Push Notification is that you could possibly have your personal ad network.

I still have to decide if the fact that you have limited option of targeting is a good or bad thing. The bad side is that you have less control on the campaign, the good part is that it brings the attention on the creatives.


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