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Sep 3, 2021
Hello folks
My name is Olaf and I'm from Germany. I've been in the business for about 15 years now and this platform is great here, that's why I'm chatting a little out of the box. The biggest problem for most is finding an offer that works. but it is not so difficult if you choose the right way. I fell and got up so many times, for example: afflow became monetizer. at the same time, zeropark only brought bottraffic. nothing worked anymore and the market collapsed completely. exoclick with porn traffic is cool and makes money, but nobody can imagine that it makes money so expensive.
But how is it in life, take a quick breath, sort it out and move on.
I also have all the spying tools and ask my affiliate manager. But that's all shit believe me !!
I hated Zeropark 5 years ago, it pretty much ruined me with Bottraffic. Now it's a great source of traffic and it's very clean!!
I also love propellerads. They have super clean traffic and it's easy to handle.
But be aware that too many are applying for the same thing here. Imagine standing in a bazaar
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