T.direct is a convenient solution for advertisers and webmasters.



Jan 4, 2022
The modern T.Direct platform allows you to monetize own site.​


Three ad formats are available for work:

1. Push
2. Popunder
3. Native ADS


Each of these formats has proven its worth, and that is why it is used in T.Direct.

T.Direct is also available to advertisers, who receive a number of benefits:

1.A large number of views. With competent optimization of the advertising campaign it is possible to go into a good plus with a high level of conversion.
2.Flexible targeting. Advertisers are offered the ability to extensively customize the advertising campaign to work with the target audience.
3.Convenient tracking of statistics. Personal account allows you to track the necessary data in order to better set up an advertising campaign.

Publishers will also receive a number of benefits from working with the affiliate program:

1.Fast payments. Money will be deposited weekly without delay.
2.Wide GEO. You can monetize traffic almost anywhere in the world.
3.Flexible statistics. You'll be able to track all the data you need to work effectively.
4.Competent technical support. Managers and support team work in such a way as to solve any issues that arise in the shortest possible
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