Follow Along Sweepstakes on ZeroPark


Staff member
I like running and have had success with sweepstake type offers on ZeroPark because if you put yourself in the shoes of the user who is randomly being redirected or shown a random pop up it's the type of offers that appeals to everyone. So let's do a follow along. For this follow along I will:
  • Budget $50 for the initial testing phase.
  • Direct link offers
  • Use ZeroPark
  • Use RedTrack
I am going to start by split testing these 3 offers:
  • PCH TV Starfield Campaign (32037) on PeerFly
  • FreeLotto Drawing (US) (35129) on PeerFly
  • FreeLotto TGIF Sweepstakes Blue LP (US) (27616) on PeerFly
There is another FreeLotto offer I...
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