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Follow Along Sweepstakes Offer + ProPush Tag- Let's earn extra profit $$$



Super Contributor
Nov 25, 2018
hello everyone ,
i have read many Case studies about Sweepstakes Offer + ProPush
today i will create my first Follow Along about (Sweepstakes Offer + ProPush Tag ) and i will try to scale the campaigns to the maximum profit i can get .

🎯 Traffic Source: propllerads
🔧 Tracking Tool : bemob
✅ Affiliate Network: Monetizer
👍 Type of Offer: Sweepstakes Offer
💰 Offer Payout: variable

first i will create smartlink with monetizer For Portugal and Rotate all offers


and i will use this landing page ,


i have added propush tag for extra money
you can check @servandosilva Guide

Now it's time to setup a campaign
i will create Popunder CPA Goal campaign and target ( Wifi and 3G )


so i will run the campaign and let it get data

i will update soon with much more informations. Stay tuned!
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