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Hi everyone this is my First Follow Along in this Forum. I got really excited in this forum that push me to create as many campaign as possible. So here they are my second campaign in Push Notifications. 🎯 Traffic Source: [COLOR=rgb(226 80 65)]PropellerAds [/COLOR](Push notification + CPC) Spy Tool: [COLOR=rgb(226 80 65)]Adplexity[/COLOR]
🌍 LP Ripper: [COLOR=rgb(226 80 65)]Purelander + dapurhosting[/COLOR]
🔧 Tracking Tool: [COLOR=rgb(226 80 65)]Bemob[/COLOR] Affiliate Network: [COLOR=rgb(226 80 65)]Mobvista[/COLOR] Type of Offer: [COLOR=rgb(226 80 65)]Sweepstakes - SOI - iPhone Xs[/COLOR] country: [COLOR=rgb(226 80 65)]Indonesia[/COLOR] Offer...
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