Follow Along Survey Pops Intermediate Guide - My first FA



Feb 5, 2021
Heya everyone!
I've been meaning to do my first Follow Along when I've joined Afflift at the beginning of the year, but the life happened and here we have October already 🤣
@Luke announced new contest for the Survey Pops - The Intermediate Guide few days after I've started going through this course, and that was the impulse that I needed.


I'm using Bemob on a daily basis so tracker is sorted.
Had a PropellerAds account from the past too with no balance. I've asked @Luke and he provided me with a topup code (worked like a charm).
On the contrary have never worked with Zeydoo before. But was accepted v. quickly (probably aslo due to the fact that I've mentioned that I'm coming from Afflift and am going through the Pops course) 😀
Also registered for account as will be using my own LP and would like to learn how to squeeze the extra profit.

So I've got all the initial accounts needed for the Pops course in place - now onto the
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