Survey Pops - Intermediate Guide - First FA



Mar 7, 2021
Hi all,
I've been reading/ lurking for some time and am finally taking my chance with a follow along.
I have previously tried following the Beginner User Guide but unfortunately things got in the way and I never fully completed the "project". I stopped the traffic due to inability to review and take decisions and haven't be able to since then.
For this FA on Nick's Intermediate Guide I have chosen the betting survey offer as I do have some experience with betting and I want to do some research on a particular geo (or two, three..) to further gather data. So even if not profitable (and I expect that will be the case) I hope I'll have learned enough to make up for that.
I will also try to push another offer to this geo through the landing page but since it's all a bit overwhelming still I started direct linking first.
I have just started the campaign 5-10 minutes ago and I see conversions in Zeydoo, but not in BeMob and Propeller Ads. I guess I messed up somewhere and will need to now go back and check what it was. Meanwhile I
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