Follow Along Survey Pops in the Front & Email Subscribers in the Back (Test Run)



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Oct 15, 2019
This is the first campaign I've run in about 3 months and during that time I didn't always think I'd get here. I've had a day-job this year, which started out as a 6 month contract from February and then morphed into a full-blown gig, complete with 60 hour weeks recently. But that's only half the reason I've been off the radar. The other half of the story is that I've been manically learning to code (html, css & js) so that I can get this campaign up and running.

And here we are!


I don't want to spend long going into the back-story, but I'll just quickly touch on how this adventure got started...

At the end of September I started a campaign and follow along to test out Luke's 'WhatsDate' survey lander with some dating offers. But while I was getting the landing page set up, I had a BIG IDEA, which was to incorporate an email form into the flow, along the lines of something like this:


The idea was really clear and I could mock it up in minutes, but it soon became very apparent that my ability to find the
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