Case Study Success Cases for Dable Native Ads

Pia S5 Proxy with 50M IPs covers 180+ countries


Feb 18, 2022
Hello, this is Dable, a leading global native ad platform. You can create ad-content and set the campaigns on our platform, on your own. Moreover, you can promote your product or services to 3,000+ premium media in Asian regions including Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia!

Today, we are going to share the success case of dating vertical with you. Please refer to the content below and hopefully it helps you create ad capaigns with great results.

What makes Dable special: Customer Discovery

Customer Discovery is a method of finding customers where the system identifies and widens reach towards users who are seen as targets, based on user profile set by the advertiser.


About Dable Customer Discovery

Dable provides advertisers with an award-winning interface that allows advertisers to manage content, adjust audience targeting, and monitor performance all in the same place. On top of that, machine learning technology and innovative personalization algorithms help advertisers gain success in their campaigns.

Dable has also recently launched the Dable Native Ad Exchange, the largest RTB-based Native Ad Exchange in Asia. Through Dable Native Ad Exchange, advertisers can execute
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