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SpyOver tracks native ads and landing pages all around the world! You can learn native ads and landing pages analyze them and build your a new profitable campaign or improve your own based on those data. And also determine the best winning combination of your competitors. Find out the secrets of your competitors strategy and be one step ahead!
Monitoring native advertising of 115 countries of world in 13 networks.
[COLOR=rgb(40 50 78)]In short about your opportunities: [/COLOR]
  • Search and find profitable affiliate campaigns (by keywords ad text branding text redirects publisher landing page text and landing page url outgoing url)
  • Advanced search (Sorting by newest running longest received most traffic. And also by affiliate networks countries languages devices trackers)
  • Find out exactly where the campaign is running
  • Find the exact traffic source of the campaign
  • Analyze every piece of campaign with detailed statistics for each ad
  • Download ads and landing in one click
  • Special tool for download landing pages or sites - Site loader. You will fast download every landing page in zip.
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