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Jan 7, 2019
I had actually decided to write a proper post about it, but I am having incredible trouble finding time recently with the number of campaigns going on and some things happening in life:). So I am just going to write down my thoughts here with the poorest formatting and presentation ever. Might edit it later to make it more readable but I think writing something down >>>> infinite procrastination

I am going to try to answer some of the questions asked on the thread and in my PMs

1. So in regards to VoluumDSP, I only worked with them for 2-3 months before going direct. There are people who achieved decent success with it, but the more people that use it, the less effective it becomes really. And by the point, I checked it out I think the competition was super high already and everyone was literally running the same offers on the same placements! Also going direct you get access to more placements and you pay less because it's CPC

2. I would advise anyone starting out to go direct right now. Don't be in a rush to spend a lot of money immediately. Even after knowing a lot of
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