Sit on a gold mine with Affiliate Marketing Golden Rules



Jan 28, 2021

Galaksion has been working for 7 years, testing different GEOs, formats, and verticals. We have derived the high-profit formula and are willing to share it with you. That is because your success is our success.

Here are our rules:

1️⃣ The more traffic, the more conversions

If we draw a sales funnel, the first step is traffic volume. We can measure it by impressions. On the second step, there are clicks on your ad, and on the third — conversions. To get more conversions, you need to increase the results of the previous steps. Thus, our first task is to expand traffic volumes. We can do it in several ways: to choose a competitive rate, to increase capping/frequency, and to expand targeting options to which you launch your campaign (if it doesn’t contradict the offer).

2️⃣ The purchase is made for 2–5 impressions

When a user sees an ad 1–2 times, a brand image is created in the brain. From 3-4 impressions the brand seems familiar and is chosen more frequently. For instance, you travel to a new country and want to buy toothpaste. What will you choose: an unfamiliar company or Colgate? More likely you will prefer
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