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Should you use the back button script on your landing pages?

Do you use the back button javascript on your landing pages?

  • Yes

    Votes: 17 81.0%
  • No

    Votes: 4 19.0%

  • Total voters


Staff member
I've been running quite a few push notification campaigns lately with my own landing pages. Last month, I did not use the back button script on my best performing campaign and as I was analyzing the campaign after it died, I kept thinking about how I could have potentially squeeze quite a bit of revenue out of it with the back button.

So, I decided to add the back button script to a LP I've been promoting over the past few days.

On one campaign, I am seeing 25% of my LP visitors click the back button!
On another, it's quite a bit lower (like 5%).

But, the conversions are a nice addition :D


There's a lot of potential to monetize this traffic. I definitely recommend testing out the script with your LP. Create a separate flow and see how it compares to without it.

Here's the script I'm using:

    ! function() {
    var t;
    try {
        const URL = window.location.href.split(/[#]/)[0];
        for (t = 0; 10 > t; ++t) history.pushState({}, "", URL + '#')
        onpopstate = function(event) {
            event.state && location.replace('https://yourclickurl');
    } catch (o) {
Let me know how it goes for you 👍


New member
Thanks for the share. Wanted to test this out on some running campaigns. Tried adding it both to head and body (separately, hah), but seems not to be firing for me. :rolleyes: