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Apr 17, 2018
Every once in awhile, I see feedback from members saying that they're disappointed in some of the content posted on affLIFT.

We get a lot of new threads each week and I think for the most part, the content published on affLIFT is the best in the entire affiliate marketing industry. But, every once in awhile you see a thread that's obviously spam or just low value content. @Nick likes to call these shitposts 💩

So, I was thinking about adding a new "shit" reaction that members could use for posts they do not like:


(imagine a poop emoji 💩 next to the angry face)

I realize this could potentially upset some people if they post and a bunch of members hit them with the 💩, but it might be a useful way to get feedback without having to call someone out. Plus, we have a pretty friendly community so I feel like this would probably only be used when someone felt it was necessary :D

I've discussed this a bit with the Community Leaders but I'm interested in what you all think :)

Onward and upward 🚀
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