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Setting Up Own Offer with Binom



Super Contributor
Aug 16, 2018
I'm trying to set up my own offer with Binom, here's the flow Traffic Source -> Sign-Up Page -> Thank You Page

Let's call Sign Up Page as https://example.com/sign-up-page and Thank You Page as https://example.com/thank-you-page

1. The Sign-Up Page is added as an Offer in Binom Campaign. Once the user fills in Email they're redirected to Thank You Page where the JS Pixel is placed.
2. I spoke to Binom support and according to them I need to pass the ClickID from Binom Offer URL to the JS Pixel code
3. So I placed Offer URL in Binom as https://example.com/sign-up-page?clickid={clickid} and when I go through Binom Campaign URL it'll pass the ClickID, let's say 123456789
4. The problem I'm facing is passing 123456789 from my Sign Up Page URL (Offer on Binom) to the Thank You Page URL.
5. Once I'm able to do this I'll be able to fetch the ClickID from Thank You Page URL and pass it in JS of thank you page.

Any suggestions on how I could pass URL values from one page to another or a
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