Sending TikTok event data with Events API



Super Contributor
Feb 16, 2019
Imagine, that you have a cool offer for a TikTok campaign but the advertiser does not support the TikTok tracking pixel. It’s not ideal. In this case, you can use Events API. I have been searching for decent articles covering this topic but in vain. So I’m here to break this matter down and walk you through it.

What is TikTok Events API?
The TikTok Events API is a server-to-server integration that allows you to send events from your website or app directly to TikTok. It works similarly to the TikTok pixel. You can use TikTok Events API to send conversion events, collect custom audiences, dynamic product ads, and campaigns optimization.

The main advantages of the TikTok Event API

1.Accurate event tracking
. Thanks to server-to-server tracking, you can collect more events. TikTok Events API is not hindered by ad blockers and other data masking solutions. This means that you will have the most accurate conversion tracking in your campaigns.

2.The best quality of the custom audiences. Since there is no way to stop the event tracking, you will have the real picture of your custom audiences.
Data security. Thanks to server-to-server tracking, the users’ data remains secure.

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