Follow Along SelfAdvertiser Optimized Campaign, Luke Said I'm Not a Winner 😡

Adcash December offer


Super Contributor
Oct 17, 2018
Traffic Source: SelfAdvertiser
Networks: Advidi - Sweep - SOI/CC Trial
Tracker: LandingTrack
Payout: Varied

Started out on Domain Redirects/Then Push/ But wasn't getting volume... I checked their traffic estimator and realized they do not have that much volume in both. Will be setting up a Pop Traffic campaign setup later today.

Basic Setup with 2 Survey Landers and 3 Offers in rotation 2 SOI, 1 CC. The first set of traffic was with Domain redirect, 11% LP CTR but no conversions, traffic slowed down and started dipping and this is when I create a push campaign, but no volume..
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