S2S tracking explained

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Jun 19, 2018
Hey there!

Today I wanted to continue talking about S2S tracking because we all need to get familiar with this tracking method stepping into the cookieless future.

Server-side tracking (S2S) is a privacy-friendly and secure way to track your conversions. Pixel is not that relevant for precise tracking anymore.

Facebook, Google, and Apple try to make changes to avoid using personal data. Pixels help data spread around the web, and it is unclear where the data will be used. Even though Pixel will not disappear anywhere and will continue working, the results will not be as accurate as with S2S tracking.

PROs of S2S tracking


As we follow all the industry changes, we offer S2S tracking by default, meaning the use of only first-party data, compliance with privacy regulations, attribution from all your marketing channels, and showing raw and unbiased data.

Follow the link to our blog to learn more about s2s conversion
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