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Jul 9, 2020

Recommending something or making predictions is a slippery slope because very few things are ever guaranteed, no matter how well-thought-out your ideas may be. Still, we here at RollerAds try to stay ahead of the curve, which is precisely the reason why we’ve done some preliminary research into what the brightest minds of the affiliate marketing world have to say about where we’ll be in 2022.

We do acknowledge that our industry is borderline mercurial since it’s so dependent on the ebb and flow of a number of factors. For instance: who could have possibly predicted that affiliate marketing would become prominent enough for it to reach mainstream status?

Down below, you will find ideas and thoughts that will assist your growth. Based on these ideas, you can formulate your own set of recommendations for the best ways to make a profit in affiliate marketing in the coming years.

Center Focus on Social Media

Based on multiple sources, the most significant trends for affiliate marketing will remain centered on social media, with TikTok as one of the best emerging tools for affiliate marketers as people are already showing tremendous interest in the video platform.

Many experts agree that the platform will continue to
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