Follow Along Richpush + Bemob + Clickdealer/Monetizer = well, we'll see...

Traffic Source: Richpush

Tracking Tool: Bemob

Affiliate Network: Clickdealer

Type of Offer: Sweeps

Offer Payout: 2.8
GEO: Germany

Hey guys and welcome to my first follow-along ever. I am actually pretty nervous since I did not have the success yet I was hoping for and decided this contest was a good time to put everything on the table and gain some valuable feedback and insights. Instead of following the copy and past you will win X routine I decided to try a little twist and (hopefully) bank on a current political event that is quite polarizing. Everyone has a political opinion when it is polarizing so people get emotional and want to have their say and in the end getting an Amazon Voucher short before Christmas … why not. At least in theory. I am not sure yet whether to mention the reward (Amazon voucher) in my ad copy lp popup but that is what split testing is for. At the moment I have setup a 3 question lp addressing the city of the user in the popup to make it more familiar and several ad copies awaiting approval. Inspired by the post from @sushiparlour I decided to additionally ask for a push signup in Monetizer and see if this can bring in some extra money.
In terms of campaign setting I currently focus only on mobile Android v. 6 and higher since in Germany most people have quite recent phones. I could already guess the winner will be v. 9 but I do not want to start of with too many assumption. Also I asked my AM for subs performing well for Sweeps in Germany and started off only selecting these. Let’s see how it goes. I keep you guys updated!
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